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Last Friday my wife and I went for a drink with a few gigagalleries close friends. As is almost always the case, our friends have absolutely 'mortal' and at the end of the afternoon were in a gigagalleries very unstable state. Mark (our friend) can usually even to bed, or gigagalleries at least fall into a danger area while sleeping in his drunkenness, but Michelle ( his wife) that constitutes a danger to themselves described as engage in conversations ( gobbledegook ) with any Tom, Dick or Harry. Michelle is also very flirtatious with other men, and she knows I think that is fashionable, but we've never done anything but kiss some Christmas / birthday. Now, last Friday we had planned, Mark and Michelle back to her house to make sure the bar, they were fine and then a taxi home, but have a habit and insisted to eat something in order of making it back to them and have something to eat before going home. The food was well ordered and delivered shortly after they have their place, after a few mouthfuls Marcos announced that he could eat more, and quickly got up and disappeared into his room and Michelle ate and slept on the couch immediately. J My wife was asleep, and left that to me sort of what to do. My plan was to try to make Michelle into his room, in bed and go get a J a taxi home. Michelle is 10 years younger than me (41) has a very small size 8 frame gigagalleries with 32b cup breasts - and long blond hair, wore a blue skirt on the light, which ended above the knees and a cream blouse with short sleeves. I managed to pick up at the couch and took her down the stairs, opened the door of his room and to my surprise, in an empty room (which Mark had hoped to find there), but apparently did now completely out of it. I put at the head of the bed and went to see where Mark was, I found him sleeping in the room flat gigagalleries notes with your pants at the ankles and shirtless, but ( the snoring of England), who opened the doorclosed and returned to Michelle. It was at this point I decided, not that it hurts to help Michelle maybe a little more comfort, and proceeded cautiously undo buttons of her blouse, pulled her waist, the skirt to the most perfect pair of breasts very dark which show, were gigagalleries very carefully in a very nice white bra half full. At this point, wearing a very large bulge in his pants, although I knew my actions inappropriate, I decided that maybe I could get out of gigagalleries her blouse and then have a go at her skirt. I leaned forward and Michelle, despite some slight moans my arms my blouse and put clothes on the floor. She stood there and looked beautiful I could not start, that the side zipper of her skirt was invested as a postcard I could see wearing a dark blue silk panties, I turned the key andgo! Skirt available was, if I dared to remove. At that time she had her back and thought I couldf I ​​was careful, you wear the skirt along the edge of his legs. I started to pull gigagalleries and the first few feet and moves well enough for me to see her underwear just to say, covered her pussy. I decided that the opposition that I meant that I had enough strength to get going to happen on his buttocks and then I would be fine and still hopes to remain in a state of coma. I went to him and was relieved that the rock gigagalleries cleared the obstruction and allowed me to throw the stone of the legs. The hearing was left with beautiful, Michelle is with nothing but his underwear. At this point, I went to sleep on top of the stairs to make sure J or down stairs and gigagalleries to see if Mark was still outside. I went back to Michelle and stayed a few seconds looking at my next step, if at all. I was sitting on the floor near where she stood and threw his body to the side and back open and allow the support to take her breasts fall to show her perfect breasts,they had no children, and they remained in the north they were intended ! She was beautiful. I was very nervous now trapped and decided that my next move should be the last, and rest on my laurels in terms of my actions. Michelle stood gigagalleries at his side, and I pulled the underwear material covering her pussy, so I could only see the inside and my curiosity as to whether you shave or not. My suspicion was confirmed, and it was a perfectly bald head, but very clean pussy, I watched carefully for some time and the material falling back into your body, I was surprised at my willpower not to touch them too, but I have my conscience my best so the other side pulls the blanket over her and went to the door when I walked through the door to my horror, Michelle muttered the words, thanks to Gary. I turned to her and she smiled and said good night. J woke up got out and went home. The next day, the text of Mark to tell me that I could calllast night. When I called they just said sorry for him and Michelle and management behavior was, despite all the drinking, getting into bed and had to his surprise, Michelle managed to strip. Michelle I've seen this week at the supermarket, and she put her finger to her lips and said Shoosh our secret ! I'm sure I can get another bite at gigagalleries the cherry, and eager to try again with the knowledge that she is fine with it..... to a point ! I'll be the day
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